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“Compelling and authentic dialogue is interspersed with detailed explorations of political ideology in a way that is natural, powerful, and fresh.”


“There is an honest truth hidden in the prose, a glaring look at what makes our culture tick.”

“The protagonist’s obsession with trying to escape the rat race reminds me a bit of Gatsby and the green light that so consumed him.”

“An emotional journey.”

“It’ll make you question the big picture and do some soul searching”


“Great story. Fast read. I couldn’t put it down.”

“You’ll find yourself cheering for the main character, whose challenges, dreams, and frailties are a reflection of your own.”


“Minor King picked up on the granular aspects of a daily routine and put them under a microscope for us to evaluate.”

I couldn’t put this book down.

“Minor King reads like both a love letter to his wife and family, and a big middle finger to corrupt people and institutions.”

“Engaging, unexpected, and masterfully written. Highly recommended.”

Mitchem delivers a tightly-written roman à clef with some unexpected twists.

If this book doesn’t put you through a range of emotions, check your pulse.